Facilities Offered

AVM MERF is fully equipped with most sophisticated operation theatre complex, where all specialized surgeries for Ear, Nose and Throat, Endoscopic surgery, Skull base and Head and neck surgeries are being done.

  • Diagnostic and minor surgical procedures like nasal endoscopy , video laryngoscopy are done in the minor operation theatre under local anaesthesia.
  • The theatre complex is, equipped with the latest, state of the art surgical equipment like Zeiss operating microscope, Storz endoscopes with Xenon light Source, Martin diathermy, Hewlett Packard monitors, Xomed powered Microdebrider , Co2 laser. Our theatre technicians and para medical staff, are fully trained in all aspects.
  • A fully automated, computerised laboratory equipped with automated Biochemistry Analyser, Statfax 2000, Statfax 303 Plus, Elisa Strip Reader and Laminar Flow System, caters to all the patient’s investigations, being done under one roof. Our lab technicians are well qualified and trained in their respective fields.
  • A 300 MA X-ray unit caters to all ENT and general X Rays.
  • Electro Cardiography - Schiller.
  • Audio Visual facilities are available for teaching, documentation and recording all surgical procedures.
  • Well equipped audiology unit with sound proof chamber and latest equipment tests the auditory capacity. Speech therapy and hearing aid trials are also conducted. Hearing aids are dispensed at a very competitive cost.
  • Pulmonary Function Tests - Computerized spirometry lab, where the ventilator capacity of the lungs are assessed, prior to surgery.
  • Treadmill - A fully computerized treadmill system(Stress Test) is available for evaluating the cardiac status.
  • Ultrasound and Echocardiography, complete the diagnostic facilities and are done available, according to the individual patient’s requirements.
  • A sleep Laboratory where assessment of sleep related disorders and snoring are studied.
  • A fully air-conditioned Auditorium with audio visual equipments with seating for about 100 people is, available for conferences , seminars.
  • A fully stocked pharmacy caters to all the medical needs of the patients.